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Assoretd Heart Tarts Wax tarts/melters, embeds
Loads of scented wax chips, wax tarts, melters & embeds for you to choose from.

Wax tarts are used in tart warmers/melters/difusers to scent your home. Place a lite tealight in the bottom of your melter, add your wax tart on top, let it melt and enjoy the aroma! Once your wax tart has melted, let it harden & re-melt over and over again. Also great to use in a display to scent your home, or arrange around pillar candles, etc for a beautiful arrangement. Our embeds can also be used in candle making and displays...fuit slices, raspberries, cherries, apple slices, etc.

You can be assured all of our tarts and embeds are handmade with top of the line embed wax. Your choice of color, scent. Unscented also available.

NEW....Adult Tarts, Tulip Flower Tarts & Spring Flower Mixture Tarts

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12 Heart Tarts
24 Heart Tarts
48 Heart Tarts
96 Heart Tarts
120 Heart Tarts
2" Heart Tarts Decorated With Roses
Lily Flower Tarts
24 Lily Flower Tarts
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Blackberry Tarts
Blueberry Tarts
Bon Bon Candy
Caramel Square Wax Tarts/Embeds
Cats & Dogs Wax Tarts/Embeds
Cherry Tarts/Embeds
Cherub Wax Tarts/Embeds
Chocolate Chips Wax Tarts/Embeds
Chocolate Square Wax Tarts/Embeds
6 1/2" Christmas Tree Wax Tart
Chunk Tarts Small
Chunk Tarts Large
Cinnamon Bun Tarts/Melters
Cinnamon Stick Tarts
Clover Tarts/Embeds Medium
Clover Tarts/Embeds Large
Cookie Tarts
Cotton Candy Ball Tarts
Cranberry Tarts
Daisy Tarts
Decorated Easter Egg Wax Tarts/Embeds
Dolphin Tarts
Donut Tarts
Duck Wax Tarts/Embeds
Easter Bonnets, Baskets, Easter Egg Tarts/Embeds
Easter Bunnies, Ducks & Squirrels Wax Tarts/Embeds
Elm Leaf Tarts/Embeds
Frog Wax Tarts/Embeds
Gingerbread Boy Tarts
Grape Bunch Wax Tarts/Embeds
Grapefruit Wedge Wax Tarts/Embeds
Jelly Bean Tarts/Embeds
Lady Finger Tarts/Embeds
Large Floater Tarts
Lemon Wedge Wax Tarts/Embeds
Maple Leaf Wax Tarts/Embeds
Mini Marshmallow Tarts/Embeds
Mulberry Tarts
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Pecan Tarts/Embeds
Petal Wax Tarts/Embeds
Pie Slice Wax Tarts
Pineapple Chunk Tarts/Embeds
Pineapple Ring Tarts
Pineapple Tarts - Whole
Pumpkin Tarts
Raisin Tarts
Raspberry Tarts
Rose Petal Wax Tarts/Embeds
Rose Tarts
Rose Tarts - Whole Closed
Rosebud Tarts
Santa, Snowmen & Tree Wax Tarts/Embeds
Sea Shell Wax Tarts
Seashell Wax Tarts/Embeds Large
Seashell Wax Tarts/Embeds Medium
Skulls, Snakes, Bats, Spiders & Bugs Wax Tarts/Embeds
Small Floater Tarts
Snowflake Tarts
Snowflake Wax Tarts/Embeds Large
Snowflake Wax Tarts/Embeds Small
Spring Flower Wax Tarts
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