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Northern Candles Representative/Distributor Information


Contact: (905) 796-8215
Contact Laura directly at:

On this page you will find our:
Becoming A Northern Candles Representative Information,
& more, as well as a link to our
Starter Kits and our 2004 Catalogue.

Norhtern Candles Team Members


Phone: 905-796-8215

Northern Candles Representatives


Mississauga/Brampton Areas
Phone: 905-846-7054

Phone: 416-315-6171

New Rep Starting Soon!


Worldwide Distributor
Phone: 403-207-9610
Cell: 403-585-9812



Leslie Kittrell
Phone: 718-462-3249


Grover Hill
Mary Martin
Phone: 419-587-3358

If you are interested in becoming a rep for
Northern Candles,
contact Laura at:
Phone: (905) 796-8215 9am - 6pm EST.

Don't forget...we also offer home and office candle parties, online candle parties, candle shows, fundraisers, church bazaars, schools, etc. We will also be more than happy to adorn your store, bingo hall, bowling alleys, spas, nail clinics, hair salons, pharmacy, and much more with our wonderful line of products!

You can purchase directly from NC, your Rep, or, we will be happy to place our wonderful products in your store on consignment!

When you become a Northern Candles Representative, we provide you with all the tools (fragrance list, product description sheet, candle care, proper burning, what makes us unique, order forms etc) you will need to sell our candles to friends, family, candle parties, co-workers, schools, churches, hospitals, physician offices, insurance agents etc.

You are running your own business so there are no set hours and you set your own goals.

We believe and know from our customers that we have an exceptional product. We use only the finest waxes, scents and wicks on the market. Each candle is hand poured and inspected for exceptional quality. We test burn each and every candle before we add it to our candle line to make sure the candle has a truly exceptional scent throughout the life of the entire candle.

How much does it cost to become a Northern Candles Representative...

Because we know most people donít like to spend a great deal of money upfront we wanted to keep our program simple. Once you fill out the Rep Agreement you can decide for yourself how much inventory you want to have on hand. There is no minimum purchase.We have rep packages starting as low as $25.00! You purchase our products from us at our wholesale prices and it is up to you how much you mark it up. However much you do mark it up is your profit. We will give you a suggested retail price (varies by area) that way you will feel comfortable that your candles wonít be over priced.

You can pick and choose your own products, or choose from a variety of small to extra large hostess packages.

The Next Step...

Once you have decided this would be a great way to earn a great income.
Reps:(means selling from your home) Simply email us at with the subject line stating "Representative Info" from there we will email you information on how to get started and what is involed.

Wholesalers:(selling from a store front) Simply email us at, please put "wholesale info" in your email subject line, no agreement is needed. We will forward our wholesale information to you for your store. If possible please specify your product interest and type of scents you would want to try.

Email questions or comments to:

Becoming A Representative