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Candle Color Meanings & "Wish Candle" Chart
Candles are a very spiritual, religous and ritual tool for many people....and don't forget Romantic! Here is a list of candle colors and what they can be used for.

BLACK Repel or banish negativity, opens up the deeper levels of the unconscious, use in rituals to induce a deep medittional state, to protect, ward off negativity
BLUE Primary spiritual color; to obtain wisdom, harmony, inner light , or peace; confers truth and guidance. Healing, sleep, creativity, perception, calming wisdom, truth, loyalty, dreams, emotions
BROWN Earth energy, balanced color, material increase, eliminates indecisiveness, concentration, study, telepathy, increases financial success, locates objects that have been lost.Family, stability, grounding, home
DARK or ROYAL BLUE Promotes laughter and joy, loyalty, use to attract Jupiter energy, or whenever an influence needs to be increased. Wisdom, self awareness, causing change, calming, sleep, truth, dreams, emotions, loyalty
GOLD Fosters understanding, bring about fast luck or money, solar energy, to heal all inner wounds, money smarts. Prosperity, wealth, money, attraction
GREEN Promotes prosperity, fertility, success, stimulates good luck, money, harmony, and rejuvenation. Healing, health, fertility, luck, growth
GREY OR SILVERUseful when pondering complex issues, neutralizes negative influences without repercusion, balance, encourages stability, helps develop psychic abilities
LIGHT BLUE Spiritual color, to obtain wisdom, harmony, inner light or peace, confers truth and guidance. Peace, tranquility, patience, calmness

EMERALD OR DARK GREEN Attracts love, social delights, and fertility. Color of ambition, greed and jealousy, counteracts these influences in a ritual. Prosperity, money, wealth, attracts success.
ORANGE Balances, mental agility, energizer, success, stamina. Legal matters, success, action, promotion, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction
PINK Emotons from the heart, begin a new relationship, raises energies, friends and family, healing. Promotes romance, friendship, draws love, brings hope, restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Rose is great for treating heart ailments, anxiety, depression. Good for people who suffer from nightmares. Gentle, graceful, admiration, love, friendship, fidelity, calmness, arouse emotions
PURPLE Obtain desires, power, success, idealism, psychic manifestations, secure ambitions, independence, financial rewards, make contact with the spiritual or other world. Enthusiasm, desire, power, exorcism, healing, ambition, spiritual development, power over others
REDPhysical pleasures, stimulationg, lust, marriage, courage, strength against enemies. Passion, love, respect,lust, strength, courage, power, unity, sensuality, energy, health, fertility, will power
WHITE Highest consciousness to protect, purify, heal, chilkdren, pets balance, birth, truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, spirituality, release positive energy, to call upon spirits, healing. Can be substituted for any color candle in rituals.
YELLOW Attraction, charm confidence and persuation, mental clarity, knowledge, concentration, healing, study, memory, subtle attraction, divination, psychic powers, mental powers, wisdom, communication, visions, expression of joy


Why wish on a star when you can wish on a candle!
Candles make a great gift for a friend or loved one in need!

White = purity, truth, spirituality

Red = strength, love, energy, courage, passion

Blue = peace, tranquility, understanding, patience, health

Natural = all purpose, purification

Green = prosperity, fertility, luck

Yellow/Gold = mental clarity, success, concentration

Brown = grounding, centering, neutrality

Pink = affection, romance, friendship

Black = protection, ward off negativity

Purple = meditation, clairvoyance, power

Silver/Gray = cancellation, neutrality, stalemate

Orange = encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction top 100 craft sites

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